Customized IT solutions for your organization.

In education, fast, secure and innovative circular IT solutions are critical. W3E understands the complexities of IT management in the education sector. Our flexible IT solutions not only offer you convenience, but also contribute to a sustainable education policy.

Circular IT solutions in education

Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are important aspects for any business or organization. It is no different in the education sector. Therefore, at W3E, we offer circular IT solutions. We buy up used hardware, provide data destruction and can ensure that the ICT apparatuur is reused (both inside and outside your educational institution) or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Taken care of from A to Z

W3E has years of experience with circular IT solutions for education. Our focus is on convenience, sustainability and cost savings. We like to think along with you and offer appropriate customized solutions. Hereby we relieve you during the entire process. From elementary school to higher education and universities; W3E is your reliable partner is IT services.

Educational IT services at W3E

At W3E, we take care of your organization or business from A to Z. We offer the following IT services:

Buying up ICT equipment

W3E buys used IT equipment for a fair fee. That way, your old hardware still pays for itself.

ICT pick-up and drop-off service

With our own pickup and delivery service, you are assured of reliable and responsible transportation of your excess hardware.

Data destruction

W3E offers 100% secure and irretrievable data destruction so that sensitive (business) information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Reuse of ICT equipment

Reuse ICT equipment, donate it to charity or make it available for your own employees. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Equipment no longer fit for reuse? We recycle those in an environmentally friendly way.

Dismantling of server rooms

Smooth, safe and reliable decommissioning of your server room or data center.

At W3E, we strive to support education with comprehensive IT solutions so that educational institutions can fully concentrate on providing high-quality education. Below we present an overview of our various services:

Buyout of ICT apparatuur from education.
At W3E, we understand the value of maximizing used IT equipment in education. Our buyout service begins with a thorough evaluation of your old hardware, using a fair and transparent pricing policy. By choosing our buyout service, you can count on smooth processing and fair compensation for your used IT equipment, freeing up resources for new investments in IT or other educational needs.

ICT pick-up and drop-off service
Our pickup and delivery service is designed to provide educational institutions with a hassle-free solution for transporting excess hardware. Our dedicated team is ready to safely pick up and transport your IT equipment to our facility, where it is carefully processed to the highest standards for data destruction, reuse or recycling.

Data destruction
At W3E, we take the protection of sensitive information extremely seriously. Our data destruction service ensures that no trace of confidential data remains on discarded data carriers, using advanced methods and technologies to ensure that all information is permanently erased.

Reuse of ICT apparatuur from education.
We are committed to sustainability by promoting the reuse of ICT equipment. By using our reuse services, educational institutions can have a positive impact on the environment and support communities that may not have the resources to purchase new equipment.

Our recycling processes are carefully designed to ensure that discarded equipment is processed in a sustainable and responsible manner, striving to maximize material recovery and minimize environmental impact.

Dismantling server rooms in education
In addition to our other services, we offer comprehensive support in the decommissioning of server rooms or data centers in the education sector. Our experienced team is ready to guide this complex process, ensuring a smooth, safe and reliable dismantling, with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

W3E: the IT partner for the education sector

Thanks to our complete outsourcing from A to Z, we help optimize and simplify your IT management. This way, your employees and students experience minimal disruption and your IT department has to put in less effort. Moreover, you contribute to a better environment and we reduce our footprint. You no longer have to deal with IT waste streams within your organization. This allows you to focus on core activities within your educational institution. W3E does the rest.

Want to know more about our IT solutions?

Would you like to learn more about our custom circular IT solutions or are you interested in a free quote? Then get in touch with us. W3E is here for you. Your hardware and data, our care!


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