Donate the proceeds of your ICT hardware to charity

Proceeds to charity

At W3E, we give surplus ICT and telecom equipment a new life. Companies, organizations, schools and individuals can come to us to recycle their depreciated hardware. What is considered "waste" to many, always has value to W3E. A unique option we offer is to donate all or part of the residual value to a charity of your choice.

Supporting charities

W3E has already been able to support numerous charities thanks to the generosity of our customers. By donating the residual value of surplus ICT equipment, you indirectly contribute to organizations such as SOS Children's Villages, Unicef, ALS Foundation, War Child, CliniClowns and many others. W3E completely takes care of the donation to charity, allowing you to make a big difference with a simple choice.

Carefree recycling

At W3E, data security is paramount. Whether you sell or donate your old hardware, our controlled business processes ensure that all business related information is completely and irretrievably removed. This is done in our specially secured warehouse in Bodegraven or at your location, after which you will receive a proof per data carrier. Only after the data has been removed does the hardware get a second life with professional parties.

CSR and charities and your corporate image

Customers are more likely to choose a company or organization that can demonstrate a positive contribution to our society. CSR is an increasingly important citerium and so is contributing to charity. In addition to really making a difference in these two areas and is therefore also a positive boost to your organization's image.

Discover the possibilities

Do you have doubts about the value of your old hardware for donation? Feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and inform you about the possibilities. Call us directly or send us an email. Discover how you can contribute with your old equipment not only to a sustainable environment, but also to the well-being of others.


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