Erasing hard drives

Secure relocation, replacement or disposal of your data center components.

Protecting corporate and personal data is the order of the day. And rightly so, because no organization or company is waiting for data breaches and their consequences. W3E's services focus on the safe and professional removal of data on hard drives and other data carriers. W3E can help you maintain your data security and specializes, among other things, in data wiping of hard drives.

Deleting data on hard drives by W3E

100% secure and reliable data removal

Data removal with certificate and reporting

Reuse or sale possible after data removal

Contributes to the environment, CSR and circular economy

WEEELABEX certified disposal

Your digital security, our priority

Did you know that simply formatting hard drives and SSDs is not enough to permanently delete data? At W3E, we go above and beyond to ensure your data security. Our advanced methods for wiping all data carriers ensure that no trace of your confidential and sensitive information remains data carriers such as a hard drive, SSD, tablet, CD/DVDs, phone, tape, memory cards or USB sticks. Your digital security is our priority.

Data removal is sustainable

At W3E, we understand not only the need for security regarding your business information, but also environmental responsibility, CSR and a circular economy. Through safe and certified data removal of your hard drives and other data carriers, once wiped, the equipment is ready to be reused. This is an advantage of data removal over data destruction. Thus, your data is securely wiped and your data carriers are ready for a second life. You can reuse the equipment yourself or sell it. Do you not wish to reuse the equipment, for example because it is obsolete? Then you can have it disposed of and recycled by W3E responsibly, in accordance with regulations. We are WEEELABEX certified.

Professional and reliable data removal

Complete removal of data on hard drives requires precision and reliability. At W3E, we have AIVD-certified Blancco Data Erasure software. This software is a secure and reliable method for data erasure, with the great advantage that the data carriers are suitable for reuse after wiping. Equipment wiped with Blancco is always provided with a clean disk statement. Your data erasure is therefore 100% guaranteed when using Blancco software. After wiping your data, what was on it can never be recovered. You will receive a detailed report/data deletion certificate after the data wiping with which you can prove that the deletion of your data was done responsibly and securely, for example during audits.

Prevent data breaches

Want to know more about data removal and destruction, AVG compliant data wiping and data breach prevention? W3E is ready to assist you with expert customized advice. Protect your data today and request more information or a free quote by contacting us.


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