ICT pick-up and drop-off service

Safe and responsible disposal of your ICT hardware.

Safely and responsibly disposing of old and surplus hardware can be stressful. You want this to be done responsibly and correctly. That is why we offer a sustainable ICT collection and delivery service throughout the Netherlands. With our expertise we ensure that you do not have to worry about the responsible and safe disposal of your old electronics. W3E makes ICT disposal a smooth, easy and safe process so you can focus on other important matters within your company or organization.

Customized ICT drainage

Whether you want to return old computers, laptops, monitors, data carriers, printers, mobile equipment, cords or other electronic devices; W3E's services are tailored to all your needs. We specialize in the efficient and environmentally friendly disposal of ICT waste. You can rely on our expert ICT collection and delivery service, which ensures that your old equipment is disposed of responsibly. 

Complete recycling process: from collection service to secure data destruction

At W3E, we take the entire recycling process off your hands. From the time we pick up your old hardware to secure data destruction and recycling; you can count on our professional approach. We strive not only to dispose of your electronics in a sustainable manner, but also to ensure that sensitive data is securely destroyed according to WEEELABEX guidelines. Upon completion, you will receive an official certificate of destruction, which you can show during internal and external audits, among other things.

Transportation and logistics by W3E

W3E erases unwanted files easily, quickly and permanently with Blancco File Eraser. Did you know. With our convenient pick-up and drop-off service, you are completely unburdened.

Safe transportation through our own ICT pick-up and drop-off service

W3E has its own transportation department. As a result, your ICT apparatuur will be transported in a safe manner.

Certified and secure data destruction

Permanent deletion of files, folders and free disk space according to the strictest requirements, including temporary files and cache.

Sustainable recycling according to legal guidelines

With our pick-up and drop-off service, sustainable recycling is our mission. According to legal guidelines, we give ICT equipment a second life.

VIHB, WEEELABEX and ISO 9001 certified

W3E meets the highest standards and certifications for the disposal of ICT apparatuur.

Receive possible residual value

Your old hardware always has residual value. Get a free valuation of your IT equipment.

This is how we work at W3E

Receive a valuation

Receive a customized quote

Transportation of your ICT equipment

100% secure data destruction

Prevent data breaches thanks to our professional service

When it comes to safely disposing of IT assets, there is no room for error. If your sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, the consequences can be enormous. Your customers' data could unintentionally become accessible to everyone, which people will not thank you for. But your company's and employees' data can also be compromised, as can your intellectual property, trade secrets and company finances. Moreover, if data breaches occur, your organization's reputation will be affected. Data breaches are therefore disastrous for any business or organization, no matter how large or small. Restoring trust is a tricky business. Therefore, prevention is better than cure. W3E ensures that all data left behind on your old ICT equipment is safely and completely destroyed. A safe feeling!

Responsible disposal and processing of e-waste

At W3E, safety comes first when disposing of your old hardware.  No matter where your business or organization is located; we will pick up your old electronics nationwide. Our team can handle all the logistics of pickup and delivery to our facility for you. Our experienced staff has the right knowledge and equipment to ensure your equipment arrives at our facility safe and sound. From there, we will recycle your old electronics to the highest standards, neatly documenting everything before we get to work on safe data destruction and the recycling process. W3E makes handling old electronics easy and affordable. Did you know that it can even make you money?

Turn in old appliances for cash

W3E offers a fair residual value for your old ICT and telecom equipment.  Thus, your old hardware can even make you money. For example, you can reinvest this in new ICT apparatuur or revamping your ICT infrastructure. In this way, we not only contribute to a sustainable environment, but also encourage reuse and value creation from your old electronics.

Professional ICT pick-up and drop-off service for old computers and other electronics

W3E's ICT collection and delivery service for the disposal of your old IT equipment is professional and reliable. With our national coverage we guarantee a fast and efficient handling. Choose W3E and let us be your reliable partner in the sustainable disposal of your ICT waste. Contact us today contact with us and find out how we can help you with our professional ICT pick-up and drop-off service for old and surplus electronics.

Frequently asked questions - ICT pick-up and drop-off service

If the total hardware to be disposed of by us is under 200 grams, we charge €75 transport costs, depending on the region in which you are located. We offer national coverage and work exclusively for companies (no individuals).
We will agree on a date and time with you. Usually we can visit you within 10 working days of your request. Should it take a little longer due to traffic or route planning, we will let you know of course let you know.
Please. When we come to pick up your hardware, a transfer form must be signed by someone. That person will also receive a copy of this. This way it is clear to everyone which equipment is being taken away.

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