Customized IT solutions for your organization.

In an era when healthcare is evolving, circular IT solutions are also becoming increasingly important. With years of experience and a keen eye for the specific needs of healthcare organizations, W3E offers a range of IT services that optimize the efficiency and quality of your IT management.

Circular IT solutions in healthcare

Our professional staff understands the unique IT challenges faced by healthcare organizations. W3E therefore tailors its IT services specifically to your needs. Our goal is to completely unburden your company or organization of circular IT solutions. This offers you overview, convenience, time savings, cost savings and you contribute to a better environment.

Flexibility and customization

The healthcare industry is a dynamic sector with flexible needs. W3E therefore offers customized solutions especially for the healthcare industry. Whether you have a small healthcare facility or a large hospital; W3E always has appropriate IT solutions that seamlessly fit your specific needs.

Healthcare IT services at W3E

At W3E, we take care of your organization or business from A to Z. We offer the following IT services:

Buying up ICT equipment

W3E buys used IT equipment for a fair fee. That way, your old hardware still pays for itself.

ICT pick-up and drop-off service

With our own pickup and delivery service, you are assured of reliable and responsible transportation of your excess hardware.

Data destruction

W3E offers 100% secure and irretrievable data destruction so that sensitive (business) information cannot fall into the wrong hands.

Reuse of ICT equipment

Reuse ICT equipment, donate it to charity or make it available for your own employees. Sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Equipment no longer fit for reuse? We recycle those in an environmentally friendly way.

Dismantling of server rooms

Smooth, safe and reliable decommissioning of your server room or data center.

At W3E, we strive to support the healthcare industry with comprehensive IT services, allowing organizations to fully focus on delivering high-quality care.

Below we present an overview of our various services:

Buyout of ICT apparatuur from healthcare.
At W3E, we recognize the value of optimizing used IT equipment within education. Our buyout service begins with a careful assessment of your existing hardware, using a fair and transparent pricing policy. By choosing our buyout service, you can rely on efficient handling and fair compensation for your used IT equipment, freeing up resources for new investments in IT or other educational needs.

ICT pick-up and drop-off service
Our IT collection and delivery service is specifically designed to provide educational institutions with an effortless solution for transporting redundant hardware. Our dedicated team is ready to safely pick up and transport your IT equipment to our facility, where it is meticulously processed to the highest standards for data destruction, reuse or recycling.

Data destruction
At W3E, we are committed to protecting sensitive information. Our data destruction service ensures that no trace of confidential data remains on discarded data carriers. We use advanced methods and technologies to ensure that all information is permanently erased.

Reuse of ICT apparatuur from healthcare.
Our goal is to promote sustainability by encouraging the reuse of ICT equipment. By using our reuse services, healthcare facilities can have a positive impact on the environment and support communities that may not be able to purchase new equipment.

We have carefully designed our recycling processes to ensure that discarded equipment is processed in a sustainable and responsible manner. Our aim is to achieve maximum material recovery while minimizing environmental impact.

Dismantling server rooms in healthcare facilities.
To complement our other services, we offer comprehensive support for decommissioning server rooms or data centers in the healthcare sector. Our experienced team is ready to guide this complex process, ensuring a smooth, safe and reliable dismantling with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Focus on privacy and data protection

The healthcare industry deals with a lot of sensitive data. Protection of this is therefore of great importance. W3E is committed to security and privacy. Thanks to our 100% secure and certified data destruction, all sensitive data still present on your old hardware is completely and irretrievably destroyed. Thus, sensitive information cannot be leaked or misused by those with wrong intentions. Your hardware and data, our concern.

W3E: taken care of from A to Z

Do you have a question about your IT or are you looking for a custom circular IT solution for your healthcare facility? Contact us for more information, advice or a free quote. W3E relieves you from A to Z.


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