Data center dismantling

Secure relocation, replacement or disposal of your data center components.

Data center management within your company or organization requires a carefully planned approach. Not only when it comes to data center maintenance, but also when your organization is going to remove, replace or relocate its data center or server room. There is a lot involved in data center disassembly and disposal. W3E offers a specialized service for the complete and safe disposal of components from your data center, so you can focus on your core business without worry. Whether replacing or evacuating servers, switches or other critical equipment; W3E guarantees a worry-free disassembly and disposal of the components.
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Data center disassembly

When dismantling your data center or computer room, we ensure that important components (such as servers, as well as other equipment) are removed and disposed of responsibly. Our certified approach and ITAD plan ensure that data is handled in a safe manner and that you retain full control over where your components go. At W3E, we understand that data safety, reliability and environmentally responsible recycling are critical in this process.

Removal of components from your data center or server room

As for the disposal of disassembled equipment, you can rest assured that it will be done in an environmentally friendly manner. W3E is committed to minimizing our environmental impact and ensures that all materials are recycled in a sustainable manner.

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Transportation of your ICT equipment

100% secure data destruction

Integral clearance of your data center; then what?

When you opt for an integral clearance of your server room, your have somewhere to go with the components that are released in the process. Our specialists can dispose of the components for you after disassembly, with attention to detail and in compliance with all relevant safety standards. You can count on a reliable service that disposes of your data center components according to the highest quality standards and ensures environmentally friendly disposal. Often, you can also receive attractive compensation for ICT equipment from your data center.

Certified data destruction

Data destruction is an important aspect of dismantling a data center. The sensitivity around protecting confidential (business) information requires a careful approach. W3E ensures that your confidential data on dismantled components and IT hardware is completely and irretrievably destroyed. Our data destruction processes meet the highest standards for security and privacy, and we offer certificates as proof of this destruction. You can trust us to handle your data in a safe and compliant manner, so you can decommission your data center with peace of mind. Choose W3E and ensure not only the integrity of your hardware, but also the confidentiality of your data.

Data center decommissioning by W3E

Safe disassembly of your data center

Fast, reliable and secure

VIHB and WEEELABEX certified

Responsible disposal of components

Certified data destruction

ITAD plan and full certification

Our comprehensive ITAD plan ensures that your discarded IT hardware is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, while recycling valuable materials. By choosing W3E, you not only embrace responsible clearance of your server room, but also sustainable management of your IT assets. Our fully certified approach and attention to data security make us the ideal partner for the careful and environmentally responsible decommissioning of your data center.

Data center decommissioning by W3E: fast, reliable and safe

Choose to dismantle your data center responsibly with W3E. We guarantee a fast, proper and careful approach, backed by our fully certified processes and dedication to environmentally friendly recycling. Take contact contact us for no-obligation advice and how we can take care of dismantling your data center in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Frequently asked questions - Data center decommissioning

No. The intention is that you, as the company, will take care of disconnecting the equipment yourself. Then W3E will quickly, reliably and safely dispose of the released components, take care of data destruction and then recycle the hardware in an environmentally friendly way.
W3E understands that decommissioning your server room or data center is a sensitive process. We are VIHB and WEEELABEX certified. Therefore you can be sure that you are dealing with a professional partner. W3E ensures that confidential data will be destroyed. Our data destruction processes meet the highest standards for security and privacy. security and privacy. Moreover you will receive certificates afterwards as proof of the data destruction. W3E takes its responsibility and guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of data.

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