Buy up ICT equipment

We buy your old and surplus IT hardware.

Excess hardware quickly accumulates. It takes up unnecessary space and no longer contributes anything to your business. At W3E, we understand that managing excess and old ICT hardware and telecom equipment can be challenging. Fortunately, we offer a full service for buying up your hardware, taking the worry completely out of your hands. Thanks to W3E, you don't have to worry about what happens to business-sensitive information on your data carriers and the disposal of your ICT hardware. Thanks to our buyout service, you can generate additional profits and improve your sustainability scores.

Equipment acquisition service from W3E

W3E collects your surplus IT hardware and ensures its safe and responsible disposal according to EU laws and regulations.

Own pickup service

We will pick up your equipment on an agreed date and time

Registration ICT apparatuur

Your equipment is inventoried and recorded

Appraisal residual value

We do an appraisal of residual value and offer fair compensation

Data removal with Blancco software

Permanent deletion of data left on your hardware

According to EU laws and regulations

Processing of your equipment following EU laws and regulations

Disbursement of residual value

Residual value of hardware is paid out to.

Value of surplus ICT devices

Do you have used or surplus equipment but want to maximize value without incurring the associated costs? W3E is a specialized IT hardware buyer. We take care of the logistics and processing of your old hardware, while you benefit from an attractive residual value. For example, you can use the residual value again to purchase new hardware, allowing your company to increase the Return on Investment (ROI) of its IT infrastructure while you upgrade. Moreover, you contribute to a circular economy, as various components can be reused or recycled.

What hardware can I have bought up?

At W3E you can have all your ICT hardware collected and disposed of. Think of computers, monitors, laptops, printers, servers, data carriers, phones and more. Whether it is an old laptop, PC or broken printer; W3E as IT buyer ensures a fair residual value and proper handling and processing.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions

Do you want to dispose of your old equipment in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way? At W3E you have come to the right place. We stand for responsible and safe disposal of your used ICT and telecom hardware, according to the highest EU standards. Some 70% of your surplus ICT hardware will be reused and 30% will be utilized for recycling. This is how you contribute to a circular economy. By giving your assets a second life, you avoid the production of electronic waste and the CO2 emissions associated with the production of new equipment.

Having hardware bought up by W3E

W3E has years of experience buying up ICT apparatuur from companies, governments, banks, schools and foundations. We have our own processing facility where we can process over 160,000kg of hardware annually. When you choose W3E, you choose a socially responsible, safe and environmentally conscious approach to buying up and disposing of your surplus ICT hardware. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about buying your hardware? Feel free to contact us contact with us.

Frequently asked questions - Buyout ICT apparatuur

You can use a inventory list set up the hardware you want to offer. Next, you can
W3E estimate the expected residual value. This way you will quickly know if you still need a
attractive reimbursement for your old hardware.

We aim to provide you with a proposal within three business days. The clearer the learned inventory list, the faster we can put this in order for you.The final cap purchase price, however, we cannot determine until we have checked all the hardware in our service center. The entire process of collection, valuation, data destruction and payment of the residual value takes up to 30 days.
Yes. You will receive an overview with all the buyback prices of the hardware we picked up from you have collected. So you can see exactly the residual value of each individual piece of equipment.
Once your equipment has been appraised by W3E, you will receive a summary and a handling number with which you can send W3E an invoice. The residual value will then be paid out.

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