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W3E: Environmentally friendly & certified

Many business owners, like W3E, find it incredibly important that we all do everything we can to achieve a cleaner and better environment. Therefore, companies today choose to dispose of their surplus equipment through ICT disposal companies. However, many companies are unaware of the existence of the VIHB list and use unregistered collectors, which can lead to a hefty fine! 

W3E safely and environmentally consciously processes used ICT apparatuur

W3E B.V complies with the official European Directive (WEEE) and Dutch Environmental Management Act for waste electrical and electronic equipment. We are under VIHB registration and is on the national VIHB list under number ZH525887VIHB, and meets the requirements for registration, transport, collection, trading and mediation of industrial or hazardous waste in the Netherlands. This makes W3E the best and safest choice for processing your surplus ICT equipment.

Data removal and hardware recycling

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