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W3E permanently removes all confidential business information through controlled business processes.

Data destruction

Buy Up ICT Equipment

ICT pick-up and drop-off service

ICT equipment reuse

Data center dismantling

W3E is the specialist in the field of hardware and data solutions. We offer an ICT pick-up and delivery service, buy up your old ICT equipment, dismantle your data center or server room, relieve you through data destruction and ensure proper disposal, reuse or recycling of your old hardware.
Hereby W3E strives for a fair residual value for your old hardware and we take care of a 100% safe data destruction so your sensitive (company) data will never be on the street. We are certified and have years of experience in environmentally conscious disposal and recycling. Moreover, this way we contribute to a circular economy and reduce our footprint. W3E is your partner in smart IT solutions.

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ICT Solutions

A suitable solution for every industry

Your old hardware is worth money

Receive a residual value

Don't let excess hardware pile up. W3E offers a full hardware buyout service, where we completely take the worry out of your hands. So you don't have to have sleepless nights about what happens to your business-sensitive information and how to dispose of excess hardware. Thanks to our buyout service, you can also generate additional profit and your contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


For all your ICT equipment

Buy up ICT equipment

W3E provides appraisal, registration and payment of residual value

Data destruction

Secure, durable and certified data vitrification, at W3E or at your site

Data center dismantling

Fast, reliable and safe, VIHB and WEEELABEX certified

ICT pick-up and drop-off service

Own pickup service, at an agreed date and time

Data destruction with pickup and delivery service

W3E is a certified partner

The safe and responsible disposal of old hardware can give companies quite a headache. W3E offers a certified ICT pick-up and delivery service so your surplus ICT equipment is disposed of responsibly and correctly. A nice idea! W3E makes ICT disposal easy. So you can focus on the core activities within your organization. W3E does the rest!

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