Data destruction

Destroy by overwriting with Blancco Erasure Software.

At W3E, we understand how important it is to keep your sensitive information safe. Our data destruction services are designed to ensure that your data is permanently and securely destroyed. Below is an overview of our various data destruction methods and the benefits they provide.

Professional data removal with Blancco software

W3E uses advanced Blancco software to ensure that your digital data is securely and irretrievably erased. This software overwrites the data on your devices multiple times, making it impossible to recover. With our data wiping via Blancco software, you can rest assured that your digital information is completely and securely erased. Devices wiped with this data cleaner always come with a clean disk statement. This means that data erasure is 100% guaranteed when using Blancco software. We erase your data carriers in a way that what was on them can never be recovered. You will receive a certificate proving that this has been done responsibly. This method of data erasure has the advantage that your equipment is suitable for reuse. 

Blancco is authorized by the Dutch Department of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and even the DOD (US Department of Defense), among others. This also guarantees the destruction of registered data for companies that have to work under Socks compliance. Blancco uses state-of-the-art erasure techniques and for each information carrier you will receive a detailed report/data erasure certificate.

Data carrier destruction with the hard drive shredder

Shredding (hard drive destruction) of data carriers is a physical method in which the devices are literally shredded into tiny pieces. This method guarantees complete data carrier destruction and ensures that even the most tenacious information cannot be recovered. At W3E, we perform shredding with state-of-the-art equipment, so you can rest assured that your data is completely safe. We have both fixed and mobile shredding equipment. With destruction hard drives, the data carriers are disassembled from the hardware and registered by serial number for shredding. The shredder grinds the data carriers into confetti-sized pieces in just a few seconds. After that, it is no longer possible to extract information from them. The original owner can never be traced in this way, and (business) security is thus guaranteed. We can safely remove the hardware.

Because we have both a fixed and mobile shredder, you get flexible options at W3E. Thus, your data carriers can be destroyed in our secure building, but also at your location. After the data carriers are registered, they will be destroyed on site. This allows you to see the actual process with your own eyes. We dispose of the shredded data carriers. You then receive a certificate and a report with the date and characteristics of the destroyed data carriers. A safe feeling! Having hard drives destroyed can be that easy.

Safety level ( DIN66399 )
E-2 | H-4 | O-1 | T-2

DIN66399 protection class 3, safety level H5 hard drives.

Dismantling of server rooms

In addition to our specialization in data destruction, W3E also offers comprehensive services for safely dismantling server rooms. If you have outdated servers or IT equipment that needs to be decommissioned, our experts are here for you. We provide structured dismantling, disposing of the hardware in an environmentally friendly manner. Securing and destroying data on servers and other equipment is an integral part of this.

Our professional approach ensures not only the security of your data, but also the efficient and sustainable handling of your IT infrastructure. Trust W3E to carefully decommission your server rooms and let us help you manage the full lifecycle process of your IT assets.

Your data. our concern.

W3E erases unwanted files easily, quickly and permanently with Blancco File Eraser. Did you know. With our convenient pick-up and drop-off service, you are completely unburdened.

Blancco: safe and durable

W3E is fully specialized in data erasure. Data is 100% securely and permanently overwritten with Blancco software.

On-site data removal

Permanent deletion of files, folders and free disk space according to the strictest requirements, including temporary files and cache


Deletes files and folders according to automated processes/schedules

Certificate after datawipe

Provides digitally signed wiki certificate for full audit process

According to regulations

Complies with state, federal and international data privacy regulations and guidelines, including ISO 27001 and ISO 27040

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Transportation of your ICT equipment

100% secure data destruction

W3E destroys all types of data carriers

Data carriers such as laptops, servers and systems, tablets, smartphones, printers, digital cameras, loose hard drives and other storage systems contain personal and confidential business information. It is therefore important to handle this data with care. When you say goodbye to your (old) ICT equipment, simply formatting and resetting is not enough. Information remains on the data carriers that can be recovered by criminals, for example.  

Thus, sensitive information gets out into the street and can fall into the wrong hands. W3E uses special certified software for secure and permanent data deletion. After wiping the data carrier, it is reusable. Physical data destruction is also possible when you do not want to use the (old) equipment anymore. W3E destroys all types of data carriers.

w3e shred hdd 2
w3e shredding hdd

Frequently asked questions data destruction

W3E performs data destruction at our service center or if desired at your location, for an even more secure feeling. Moreover, we are WEEELABEX certified and strictly adhere to the European AVG regulations. W3E relieves you through 100% safe and responsible data destruction.
Wiping/erasing data causes a 100% deletion of the data. After this, the data carrier itself suitable for reuse. Data destruction, also known as shredding, is the physical destruction of a data carrier. After this, the carrier is no longer usable and the raw materials that remain can be recycled.
You will receive an official certificate and report from W3E upon completion of the data destruction. All carriers are neatly registered before the data destruction. So you know exactly when and what what data has been destroyed.
The cost of data destruction depends on your requirements. It makes a difference whether you want to wiping or shredding. We therefore provide customized services. You can always request a request.

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