Destruction by Degaussing the data carriers

Degaussing is the fastest and easiest way to erase your data! Erasure Degausser is a very powerful electromagnet for 100% ultra-fast deletion of data from hard drives and backup tapes.With a Degausser, a storage media is subjected to a very strong magnetic field, completely erasing all stored data. Ontrack Eraser Degausser generates a magnetic field of 10,000 Gauss inside the storage device, peaking at up to 18,000 Gauss on the surface.

Certified erasure of classified information

The Norwegian National Security Agency (NSM), a the governing body responsible for Norwegian national security, including information security, has approved our Degausser for erasing secret information on magnetic data carriers.


Confidential data on data carriers such as tapes and hard disks can be 100% securely and safely erased. This eliminates the risk of sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. We erase data not only from laptops, servers and systems, but also from tablets, smartphones, individual hard drives and other storage systems.


When you use a Degausser to erase magnetic media, you chalk up the best quality. Residuals from previous recordings are completely removed and the hard drive is rendered unusable for reuse. This process is irreversible and final.

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