Destruction by Blancco Data Erasure software

Nowadays, a huge number of devices contain confidential and sensitive data. Just think about laptops, computers, servers, phones or tablets. But even devices you don't immediately think of can contain such sensitive data. For example, printers or digital cameras. 

Certified software with W3E data destruction

Blancco certified software is the most secure way to erase data and has the advantage of making the data carrier reusable. No other data wiping software for erasing data on data carriers has this level of compliance with stringent requirements. 

Equipment wiped with this data cleaner is always provided with a clean disk statement. This means that data erasure is 100% guaranteed when using Blancco software. We erase your data carriers in a way that what was on them can never be retrieved again and you will receive a certificate proving that this was done in a responsible manner.

Blancco is authorized by the Dutch Department of Defense, the Ministry of Interior and even the DOD (US Department of Defense), among others. This also guarantees the destruction of registered data for companies that have to work under Socks compliance. Blancco uses state-of-the-art erasure techniques and for each information carrier you will receive a detailed report/data erasure certificate.

For more information on Blancco data erasure:

It sometimes happens that hard disks cannot be overwritten, for example if the disk is defective. Even then we make sure that the data cannot be recovered. In that case, we can destroy magnetic disks by a Degausser or completely destroy them by shredding.


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