About us

Welcome to W3E, your partner in the sustainable life cycle of ICT apparatuur.

We specialize in buying, selling and handling used and surplus hardware and other ICT-related equipment. With our expert professionals, we strive to provide our customers with customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Our focus is on providing high quality services that support organizations in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The core values of W3E

Our location

Although we are proud of our home base in Bodegraven, it does not stop us from providing high-quality IT services throughout the Netherlands. Whether it's processing, purchasing, selling or recycling surplus ICT apparatuur; W3E is here to relieve you of this, from A to Z.

Our team and our approach

Our close-knit team, direct contacts, own storage, logistics and transport enable us to guarantee low-threshold communication channels, flexibility and speed. W3E therefore offers efficient solutions for the disposal of discarded ICT and telecom equipment. In doing so, we save resources by reusing materials as much as possible.

Our mission

W3E's mission is to promote sustainability by reducing e-waste, conserving natural resources, reducing our footprint, reducing carbon emissions, preventing data breaches through data destruction, and contributing to a circular economy, positively impacting society.

Our vision

With its circular ICT solutions, W3E aims to create a green world where ICT hardware is used efficiently and disposed of responsibly, where sustainable practices within the ICT industry are the norm. We want to be leaders in promoting reuse, recycling and responsible and safe data destruction. This is how we contribute to a future of circular IT and a healthier planet for future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

At W3E, Corporate Social Responsibility is not an obligation, but a passion and a challenge. We are doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions and call on you to work with us for a sustainable future.

Certification and reliability

W3E is fully certified. We believe in the principle of 'a deal is a deal' and therefore place great value on this. For you this means peace of mind and a partner who has all services under one roof. How nice!

Your data, our concern

Did you know that simply formatting hard drives and SSDs is not enough to permanently delete data? At W3E, we go above and beyond to ensure your data security. Our advanced methods for wiping all data carriers ensure that no trace of your confidential and sensitive information remains data carriers such as a hard drive, SSD, tablet, CD/DVDs, phone, tape, memory cards or USB sticks. Your digital security is our priority.

Other offerings

In addition to taking over laptop and computer equipment, we also act as a registered e-waste collection point (WeCycle by OPEN Foundation). You can hand in your equipment to us free of charge, where we will safely and irretrievably remove any data present in consultation with you.

A comfortable workplace

At W3E, we believe in giving a second life to worn-out or surplus IT hardware. At the same time, we strive to provide a pleasant and comfortable workplace for people who are distanced from the labor market. Together we discover talents and together we bridge the distance to the labor market.

Watch our company film

We would like to invite you to discover more about W3E by watching our company film.


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