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In our age of technological abundance, many do not realize how much confidential information accumulates on various digital devices. Whether it is computers, phones, tablets, external hard drives, USB sticks or other digital media, the transition to new devices begs the question: what happens to the data on the old device? While many make internal backups or store data in the cloud, the data often unintentionally remains on the old device's hard drive. For organizations, this means that business information and employee and customer data are potentially vulnerable. Simply discarding old devices can lead to serious consequences, especially if the Data Protection Authority is suddenly on your doorstep for an AVG check - a scenario no one is waiting for!

Digital Derailment

Many people do not know how to properly destroy a hard drive, or they do not trust existing destruction methods. This often results in the unnecessary retention of old devices, a phenomenon similar to physical hoarding. Digital hoarders within companies often store huge amounts of information on outdated hard drives. It is a situation that takes up considerable space and can be compared to an overcrowded house, as may be illustrated with a physically overloaded storage unit.

Proactive Protection

A lack of secure data disposal policies can have serious consequences for an organization, including security incidents, reputational damage and loss of trust. Sensitive data should not end up on the street. Wise disposal of old hardware through a professional company eliminates data breach concerns. Moreover, old hardware can still be valuable!

Buyout of Old Hardware

By turning in old hardware, your organization contributes to a circular economy. It gives obsolete equipment a second life and often still has market value. You make money by turning in your current ICT equipment. Using the certified program Blanco, we make your old ICT equipment ready for reuse. Professional computer recycling: safe and environmentally conscious!

Responsible Disposal of Old Hardware

Simply disposing of old and surplus hardware is not without risks. Its disposal must be VIHB- and WEEELABEX-certified. W3E guarantees safe and disposal of old hardware. Our commitment to environmental awareness and 100% data destruction is at the core of our services. Even the process of removing a hard drive is handled with utmost care. In our well-secured processing facility, we use specialized software to completely destroy any remaining data.

Destruction of Data Carriers, Anywhere Needed

At W3E, we understand that data carrier destruction can take place at different locations depending on your preferences. Our services include the ability to destroy data carriers on-site using our mobile shredder. Before the destruction process begins, all data carriers are carefully recorded, providing additional assurance.

Regardless of the method chosen, upon completion of the destruction, you will receive a detailed certificate with all relevant information. This certificate serves as an important reference in both internal and external audits.

W3E uses advanced data deletion software to securely delete data on data carriers. For added security, we also offer on-site physical destruction as one of the options. Our methods meet the strict standards of NATO and other military organizations. After data destruction, you will receive a comprehensive certificate stating exactly what equipment was found and what data was removed. This comprehensive documentation plays a crucial role in supporting both internal and external audits.

Certified Data Destruction

W3E is ready to carefully dispose of your old hardware, often providing you with attractive compensation. Choose for a better environment and discover the various possibilities for data removal or hard drive destruction. W3E always offers a customized solution. Do your part for a better environment and contact W3E via telephone number 0172 - 20 50 06 or via this link. We are happy to serve you.

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